How to create a grouped product

Grouped Products is a product type. This product type is more about product display. Grouped Products lets you add similar simple products to a single parent product. This allows the customer to add products from a range, or a couple of products from within a range, to their cart on one page instead of navigating to several different pages to do so.

Consider a furniture store. It sells sofas, chairs, stools in different ranges. The ‘Classic’ range includes a three-seat sofa, a two-seat sofa, a sofabed, an armchair, and a stool. All products in this range are made of the same materials and have the same properties (size/shape excluded, obviously) and description. These individual products are set up as simple products that are purchasable individually. Finally, a grouped product is created to describe the range, the aforementioned products are added as children of this grouped product resulting in a single product details page where customers can add any of these products to their cart in one go.

Step 1: Create Parent Group Product

To begin, navigate to Dashboard→ Product→ Add new

The product category must be group product. So, select Group Product from the Product Type drop-down menu.

Remember a group product is a parent product so there is no price field and also you need to select a category.


Step 2: Create child product

Navigate to Dashboard→ Product→ Add new


As this is the child product, the category of this product must be the same as the parent product. Also, this product needs to be hidden from the catalog. Under the other option, there is a visibility field. You need to set it to hidden and save the product as shown in the screenshot below:


The product is now shown as hidden


Now that you’ve successfully created a child product, go back to the parent product, edit it and click on the linked product option under the inventory option, and select the child product in the group product section and linked them both.

This is shown below:


Following step 2 and step 3 you can link more products to the parent product.

After creating and linking all your child product to the parent product you will get a group product as shown below: